Why people move to Winona…

I came to Winona from the Twin Cities almost exactly 16 years ago, and at [...]

Mississippi River Love

Steamy. That’s a pretty good word for this summer. It’s been the kind of hot [...]

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What is so great about Winona?

Well let me tell you. People drove all the way from the Twin Cities last [...]

The legacy of Winona

I love it when people have good ideas. I extra love it when those good [...]

Okay, donut lovers

You asked – I listened. It’s time to talk about donuts. Not just any donuts, [...]

Cruise in for Cruise Night

Attention muscle heads, old car buffs and anyone who likes to eat ice cream while [...]

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A whole lot of Shakespeare going on~

Oh.My.Gosh. Shakespeare fever.  Winona has it, and there is no cure except for a seat [...]

My favorite secret

I’ve been holding out on you. After all these months I haven’t told you about [...]

Rain, rain, go away…

Yuk. Sorry Mother Nature, and flowers and plants and trees, but I hate it when [...]


Rock on, Tourism

Sixty five million dollars. That, friends, is a big chunk of change. It’s also how [...]

Quintessentially Winona…

I was talking to a young fella who occasionally visits family in Winona, and by [...]

A big ‘wow’ at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum

I went to a shindig at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum yesterday, enticed by curator [...]

Eat your heart out, New York City

So I just came back from a trip to New York City and all I [...]

The birds are back in town…

So I woke up this morning with the song, “The Boys Are Back In Town” [...]

Hellooooooo Shakespeare!

Now listen, those of you who are about to stop reading because you think this [...]

A Homecoming for the Dakota

Friday morning I had breakfast with a very hard working group of people doing something [...]

Thank you Winona 360!

I got a call last week from a young lady named Christina McDaniel, a Winona [...]

The Thaw Is On

If you live anywhere south of, say Des Moines, 30 degrees has probably never been [...]

Eagle Watching in Winona

The other day I was driving south from Minneapolis towards Winona on Highway 61 when [...]

It’s show time in Winona

The somewhat aptly named Frozen River Film Festival starts Wednesday, and I’m excited to see [...]

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You know, as a travel writer I’ve found that there are very few places that truly [...]