Climbing Winona’s Ice Wall

You’ve come to conquer Winona’s 100 foot ice wall – but there are so many other things to explore while you’re in town!


  • Fuel up on coffee and a good breakfast at Blue Heron before you start your journey to Winona’s Ice Park. Bonus points if you bring a reusable thermos to fill with coffee and keep you warm on the hike up!
  • Make sure you have all the equipment you need for a safe climb. If you want to rent gear or a guided climb, Big River Climbing Guides is your go-to for everything you need.

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  • After your climb and hike back down the bluff, warm up with a bowl of soup and their famous hot hoagie at Acoustic Café. If you’re lucky, you might catch some live music too!
  • Up for another adventure? You can keep the outdoor fun going by renting ice skates or snow shoes at Lake Lodge

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