Walk back in time on a historic tour

From the Tiffany stained glass of Winona National Bank to the Italianate splendor that graces even downtown shops and cafes, a walking tour of the historic architecture and stained glass restoration is like a stroll through history.

Glorious Glass Tour

As an island of culture in the untamed frontier, many of the city’s businesses and churches built lavish structures, often employing noted architects such as George W. Maher, Purcell & Elmslie and Charles G. Maybury. Extensive stained-glass windows are an integral part of their designs, and the world’s finest craftsmen were hired to make them. Today, the buildings and their glorious windows remain as a symbol of that fascinating era.

Download the Stained Glass Winona Tour, updated 2018 (pdf)

Download the Glorious Glass Tour Guide* (pdf) *Some information, particularly regarding group tours, may no longer be current


A history frozen in time

Dramatic architecture whispers the history of Winona as you wander past its sculpted friezes, imported marble and imposing facades. A walking tour of historic downtown Winona takes you through nearly a dozen blocks lovingly preserved on the National Historic Register.

With the walking tour brochures as your guide, see the wealth of architectural treasures preserved through the historic district designation.

Downtown and riverfront historic districts map 
includes the Winona Public Library, J.R. Watkins, Winona City Hall, Hodgins House and many more.

Commercial historic districts map 
includes Winona history, an architectural details guide and many buildings in both the north and south side historic districts.

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