Local bloggers “Discover MN” and the Winona Farmers’ Market


Winona-based content creators Jack & Kitty released a best-of highlights reel from our local and visitor-favorite, the Winona Farmers’ Market–an organization that is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2023.

In the post “Discovering Minnesota: A Saturday at the Winona Farmers’ Market“, the pair dish on a weekend pastime cherished by many: “A Saturday spectacle teeming with local produce, rich culture, and lively community spirit.”

Every Saturday morning, May to October, dozens of regional vendors and food purveyors gather at Levee Park on 2nd and Main streets to offer their seasonal wares. Fresh produce, baked goods, dairy products and more line both sides of the streets, and live music can often be heard. Special events also accompany the Winona Farmers’ Market, including yoga classes, kids’ activities and more.

Check out the beautiful imagery and poetic write-up written like only a true lover of Winona can share; you’ll even get a peek at Winona’s most famous dog, although pups aren’t allowed inside the Winona Farmers’ Market due to state health codes.

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