Remlinger Muscle Car Museum takes you back in time

Remlinger car museum

Photojournalist, Bill Middeke, took a road trip down Highway 61 to Winona to visit with Jim Remlinger, owner of the Remlinger Muscle Car Museum for a story for KSTP TV. Remlinger still owns his car that he bought in 1967 and his childhood passion for cars has continued ever since. The museum originally started as a private collection until he was encouraged to open it up to the public. The museum is a collection of 45 classic cars that are mostly race cars and from the 1960’s with some earlier models from the 1930’s and 40’s. It is one of the best collections in Midwest and is curated to feel like you are at Main St. USA. The museum also rents out the museum for special events and holds an annual live auction.

“Pretty much, every car has a story on it …and people enjoy hearing the stories,” said Remlinger.










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