Riverboat Dockings


Winona has been bustling with activity as cruise ships from both the American Queen Steamboat Company and the American Cruise Line are docking at Levee Park. Since their inaugural stop on July 24, seven boats have docked at Levee Park and hundreds of passengers have departed the ships for tours of Winona. Visit Winona volunteers are greeting the passengers and providing visitor information and directing them to Winona’s attractions, restaurants, and shopping. The Winona County Historical Society is providing experienced guided tours of the city and encouraging travelers to explore Winona’s featured attractions. The public is welcome to come to the Levee and view the boats but no tours of the boat will be available. Cal Fremling Drive is open to traffic but expect delays while passengers get on and off shuttle buses. Public parking lots are available at the foot of Walnut Street and Johnson Street. Dockings are subject to change due to weather conditions.

2021 Dockings:

July 24: American Duchess, 7am-6pm

July 26: America Cruise Line, 1-11:30pm

July 29: America Cruise Line, 5:30am-2pm

July 31: American Duchess, 7am-6pm

August 1: Queen of the Mississippi, 1-11:30pm

August 3: American Duchess, 7am-6pm

August 4: Queen of the Mississippi, 5:30am-2pm

August 9: America , 1-11:30pm

August 12: America, 5:30am-2pm

August 30: American Countess, 7am-6pm

September 9: America, 1-11:30pm

September 12: America, 5:30am-2pm

September 21-September 22: American Melody, 1 pm 09/21 through 11:30pm 09/22

September 23: America, 1-11:30pm

September 25: American Melody, 5:30am-2pm

September 26: America, 5:30am-2pm

October 6: American Melody, 1-11:30pm

October 7: America, 1-11:30pm

October 9: American Melody, 5:30am-2pm

October 10: America, 5:30am-2pm

October 20: American Melody, 1-11:30pm

October 21: America, 1-11:30pm

October 23: American Melody, 5:30am-2pm

October 24: America, 5:30am-2pm

November 3: American Melody, 1-11:30pm

November 6: American Melody, 5:30am-2pm

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