The Current lists the Driftless Region as one of nine scenic places to visit

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Minnesota Public Radio’s music station, The Current, listed the Driftless Region as one of nine scenic places to visit along the border of Minnesota/Wisconsin. Winona County lies within that region and is known for its high bluffs and cold water streams due to the fact that southeast MN was “unscathed by glaciers.”  Great River Bluffs Park, 9 miles south of Winona, offers a “sweeping view” of the Mississippi River and gives a perspective of the “distinct features” of the Driftless Region. Mid West Music Fest, Winona’s spring music festival is just a month away. That would be a good time to visit Winona to both hear over 70 bands play live music across multiple venues in Winona and to experience the beautiful landscape.

“Save for a small stretch south of Lake Superior, the border between Wisconsin is defined by a few powerful rivers. During the spring, the waterways that wind along the length of Minnesota’s eastern edge carry melting snow downstream, making for lively waterfalls and refreshing scenery. ”


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