Travel Vertical gives Visit Winona’s April Fool’s Campaign some Love

Winona, The Miami of Minnesota, got some love from Travel Vertical for its “Fly with Flamingos ” digital campaign. Travel Vertical curates stories that target digital tourism marketers. This April Fool’s campaign follows the popular “Swim with the Alligators” in 2021 both of which are tongue in cheek campaigns created by Visit Winona’s Marketing Specialist, Cynthya Porter. Porter was interviewed by Travel Vertical and said “Swimming with gators is hard to top, but we gave it a try for this year’s go at April Fool’s Day. We did boost it to a Midwest audience and have spent about $350 so far. With that and its viral appeal, this post has reached just shy of 100,000 people and has about 9,300 engagements as of Monday morning.”

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