Winona itinerary includes food, outdoor recreation, history and more

Planning a visit to Winona? MN Monthly published an itinerary to help plan your next visit.  Winona’s scenic beauty is a good reason to visit but there’s more.

  • The historic downtown includes buildings on the historic register and an historic walking tour brochure helps you explore the commercial district and learn about Winona’s milling and lumber past by strolling through the grandeur architecture.
  • Lake Park is in the heart of the city and is 1,000 acres of land and water. The park has a paved walking and biking path and watercraft rental is available through the park and recreation department.
  • Unique Local Flavors: Winona has no fewer than 40 unique local eateries with interesting takes on American and farm-to-table cuisine and craft cocktails. Our authentic international kitchens are pure delight as well.
  • The Great River Shakespeare Festival celebrates its 20th season in Winona and is known for its “clearly understood performances,” and will be performing 3 plays over a six week period. The Great River Road Wine Trail includes 8 wineries that are located in Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin.
  • The Great River Road Wine Trail includes 8 wineries and one of them located atop a bluff in Winona.  Garvin Heights Vineyards grow their local cold climate grapes on their farm and offer wine tastings.
  •  Music and More: Winona has a great music scene ranging from classical, to world renowned performers to local acts.


Cradled by the Mississippi River on one side and 500-foot-tall bluffs on the other, Winona is an astonishingly beautiful, unexpectedly cosmopolitan city that is as legendary for outdoor recreation as it is for its arts scene






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