Yes, the legend is true.

When it comes to ways to be entertained, everyone agrees that Winona is hitting way above its weight class for a city of 28,000. Our natural playground is an embarrassment of riches that offers some of the most diverse and outstanding outdoor recreation opportunities in the Midwest. And we are equally blessed by some of the best performances in the country and some of the finest art in the world. No, really. And we are in the most tropical corner of the state, which is, of course, why we are called the Miami of Minnesota. Plus, we’re funny. It might be hard to absorb all that awesomeness in just one visit. You’re probably going to have to come back more than once to take it all in – until you decide to move here, which is what everyone does. Well, not everyone, but they want to. In fact, 23% of the people who move to a rural destination from Minneapolis move to Winona. Seriously. Come see why for yourself.

What are other people saying about Winona? Check out the love we got from a travel blogger we don’t even know (but want to!)

On a cross-country trip, the blogger behind the travel blog “Sunday Strolling” paused for two nights in Minnesota and wrote a blog titled, “Top 10 Things to do in Minneapolis.” We fell in love with her when we saw her #1 pick for things to do while there:

1. Figure Out a Way to Wind Up in Winona:

“Along with Marfa, Texas, and Madrid, New Mexico, Winona ranks high on my list of the USA’s best undiscovered towns. Winona is located in southeast Minnesota sitting beautifully along the Mississippi River while nestled in a scenic bluff country that is loaded up with parks and picturesque perspectives. For a town of roughly twenty-seven thousand people, there is a lot to soak in here. I highly recommend an afternoon exploring this wonderful town.”

Amen, sister

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By car, by foot, by bike, by helicopter (just kidding) – there is so much to take in here – from rolling fields of prairie flowers to some of the most architecturally important buildings in Minnesota. It’s hard to choose – where will you start?


The Art Scene

Whether your taste is for legends like Yo-yo Ma or icons like Shakespeare, prepare to be blown away by the arts here in Winona. A museum revered around the world, an annual festival that draws international stars, and stages that boast a year-round slate of professional productions and performers are just a taste of the ways you can entertain yourself here.

Smiling Dog in Canoe Winona Minnesota

Best Doggo Dates

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couple hiking in Winona on trail with bright yellow fall leaveses

Need to Stretch Your Legs?

Winona has plenty of ways to wander if you’re looking for some fresh air. Here are some of our favorites.

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Artistic Inspirations

Tips from a local art maven on where to see some of Winona’s favorite art spots, from studios to museums.

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