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Walk, cruise, paddle or pedal confidently through Winona’s picturesque scenery with these local maps and guides.

An Overview of our Fair City

2018 Visitor Guide
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Downtown walking tour of historical sites and landmarks:
Downtown Walking Tour Side A
Downtown Walking Tour Side B

Winter sports

Cross country ski trails in Winona:
Winona ski trails map

State park ski trails:
State park ski trails map

Designated snowmobile trails prepared by the Minnesota DNR:
Southeast Minnesota snowmobile trails

Biking and hiking

Scenic bike tours of 12 to 25 miles, Up and down the river from Winona:
Popular routes and loops

In-town bike touring, a wonderful way to get acquainted with Winona:
Bike tours of city sights

More rugged and more vertical, some of these routes require a little energy:
Mountain biking and hiking Winona


Winona’s location on the Mississippi River Flyway is perfect for observing native and migratory birds:
Birding on the Mississippi Flyway

Parks and Trails

Parks and Trail Maps

Winona Map

Map of Winona


The beautiful Mississippi River Valley provides year-round natural enjoyment. It’s a perfect place to wet a line.

Fishing Map
Winona Fishing