Serenity on the water

Paddle the Mississippi’s gentle backwaters on one of our scenic canoe and kayak trails where regal water birds watch you glide by, or take the family for a spin in a rented canoe or kayak on Lake Winona. Watercraft rentals are also available at Prairie Island. See the Winona Canoeing Guide of popular water routes with directions and tips.

Canoeing and kayaking

East and West Lake Winona

Relax in the calm waters
No need to pack paddles or even a boat. At Lake Lodge, Winona Park and Rec has it everything you need to paddle Lake Winona.

Prairie Island Campground Rentals

Paddle the Mississippi backwaters
Enjoy access to Old Man River through public camping and recreation gear rentals at the campground.

WSU Outdoor Education & Recreation Center

Find your own adventure
Whether it’s canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, camping or backpacking, the WSU Outdoor Recreation Center has you covered.

Broken Paddle Guiding Co.

Experience the Mississippi firsthand
Kayak the wild and extensive backwaters of the Mississippi River on a professionally guided kayak tours.

Mississippi River Water Trails

Roam the mighty Mississippi
Kayak or canoe your way through backwater channels, around native animal habitats, and along gorgeous shorelines so pristine you’ll feel as if you’re the first to discover them.