Climbing in Winona

With half of the city rimmed by towering bluffs, Winona is irresistible to climbers year round.

Rock-climbing enthusiasts love scaling Sugar Loaf bluff, a city landmark that rises 500 feet above the Mississippi River Valley to provide an unmatched view for any willing to mount the summit. Several trails provide access to the rock, with the most accessible being on the southwest side of the bluff. Parking is along the roadway on Glen Echo Road, with the trail easily identifiable from there. The Winona State University Outdoor Recreation Department offers guided climbs during the summer.

Ice climbers are pouring into town to have a go at our latest addition: The Winona Ice Park; a man-made ice flow that cascades at least 200 feet down the face of the bluffs.

Both attractions are free and accessible independently for climbers who have their own gear and agree to climb at their own risk. Big River Climbing Guides, located in Winona, also has equipment and instruction available.

In addition, the Winona State University Outdoor Recreation Department has an indoor climbing facility that is open to the public.

Winona State University Outdoor Education and Recreation Center

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The only ice climbing park in the nation that is free, open to the public, and inside the city limits. Incredible!

WSU Outdoor Education & Recreation Dept.

Indoor and outdoor climbing programs and so much more

Basecamp Provisions is a collaboration between Sanborn Canoe Company, Merrimack Canoe and the Winona Outdoor Collaborative to provide equipment rentals, a retail shop, and local guided experiences.