Woodlawn Cemetery

The historic Woodlawn Cemetery Association

The first attempt to establish a public cemetery for the city of Winona was made at an early date upon the timbered flat on the School Section beyond Sugar Loaf and on the other side of the Burns Farm. Although quite a number of interments were made on this ground, yet on account of the distance, as well as the low, flat nature of the soil, the site was never satisfactory, and consequently many buried their dead on their own premises in the city, hoping that a more desirable location might be found. This state of affairs continued until June 6, 1862, when some of the public-spirit citizens felt that final action in this matter could no longer be delayed, and on that day met at Huff’s Hotel Hall, then located at the corner of Third and Johnson Streets, where The Kensington now stands, and organized the Woodlawn Cemetery Association by adopting and signing the Articles of Association hereinafter set forth.

To the public spirit and good judgment of the late E.D. Williams to do the citizens of Winona especially owe the location and the beginning of the improvement of Woodlawn Cemetery. He was the leader and moving spirit of the enterprise from its inception.

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Today’s Woodlawn Cemetery Association

Woodlawn Cemetery is owned and operated by Woodlawn Cemetery Association, a non-profit corporation. The Woodlawn Cemetery Association has kicked off a fund raising drive to raise 3 million dollars Preserving History & Bridging for the Future to create endowment to insure and maintain the cemetery grounds for the upcoming generations. The Campaign for Woodlawn Cemetery Association offers donors a unique opportunity to be a partner in the vital mission. This campaign will make sure our ancestors and heroes receive the proper honor and perpetual care they deserve. For more information, click here.


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