Former WSU Professor Tim Hatfield Gives Miami of Minnesota Shoutout on Sirius XM Radio Beatles Show

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In 2022, Tim Hatfield taught a Beatles course at Winona State University, bringing enjoyment to both himself and his students. He is also the author of an uplifting book titled “The Beatles: All their songs with encouraging words for challenging times,” where Hatfield delved into the entire Beatles catalog, providing insights and encouragement for dealing with difficult times. The book serves as a rewarding read for Beatles fans, offering a unique perspective on the iconic band’s music.

Now, Hatfield is set to make an appearance on the Sirius XM Beatles Channel during the My Fab Four segment. This segment allows celebrities and fans alike, including Hatfield, to showcase their four favorite Beatles songs and share a bit of background about each selection. The broadcast is scheduled for multiple slots next week, with airings on Monday 1/15 at 6 am CT, Thursday 1/18 at midnight CT, and Saturday 1/20 at 9 pm CT.

Listeners can anticipate Hatfield not only highlighting his favorite Beatles tracks but also giving a shoutout to his hometown of Winona, affectionately calling it the Miami of Minnesota—because as we all know—it is the Miami of Minnesota! This upcoming Sirius XM feature adds another dimension to Hatfield’s connection with the Beatles and his passion for sharing the band’s music and its positive impact during challenging moments. Fans and enthusiasts are encouraged to tune in to experience Hatfield’s unique perspective and celebrate the timeless appeal of the Beatles’ music and the nod to his hometown of Winona is pretty neat added bonus.