Top 11 Places To Grab A Philly Cheesesteak In Winona, MN

Visit Winona Philly cheesesteak sandwich

You don’t have to be from Philadelphia to devour a Philly cheesesteak every now and again. And let’s be honest—you don’t have to go there to get a great cheesesteak either. We went around Winona and assembled a list of some of our favorites of one of the all-time classic sandwiches—the Philly cheesesteak. And while it got its humble beginnings in South Philly, it’s now a cultural icon enjoyed in many places and we think you can find some mouth-wateringly delicious options right here in the Miami of Minnesota!

929 Beer House & Grill

Nothing like a cheesesteak and some chips or slaw to tame that hunger—929 Beer House & Grill is a popular dining destination known for its laid-back vibe. This establishment stands out with its extensive selection of craft beers, offering patrons a chance to explore local and regional brews. With a welcoming ambiance and a menu that features everything from pub classics to breakfast, 929 Beer House & Grill has become a go-to spot for both locals and visitors looking to enjoy a good meal and some drinks.
Visit Winona 929 Beer House & Grill Philly Cheesesteak
photo by 929 Beer House & Grill


Visit Winona Anacabe's Little Kitchen Phill Cheesesteak
photo by Joe Moe

Anacabe’s Little Kitchen

Craving a deliciious Philly with fries? Anacabe’s Little Kitchen is a charming culinary gem that exudes a homey and intimate ambiance. Specializing in breakfast cuisine, this family-owned restaurant captivates diners with its authentic flavors and made-from-scratch dishes. With a menu crafted with passion and attention to detail in a little hole-in-the-wall spot.

Bub’s Brewing Company

Get the Philly sandwich or the wrap version here with sautéed onions and green peppers. Bub’s Brewing Company in Winona, MN, is a popular pub and restaurant with lots of history. Bub’s beer once graced the taps of more than 100 bars and neighborhood saloons in this great river town for over 130 years but, of course, it is no longer being produced. Locals and visitors alike flock to Bub’s for appetizers, burgers, tap beers, and comedy shows. And it’s home of the All-American Burger: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in one. Plus, they’ve got homemade soups and daily specials.

Visit Winona Bub's Brewing Company Philly Wrap
photo by Bub's Brewing Company
Visit Winona Brewski’s Pub & Grill Philly Cheesesteak
photo by Brewski’s Pub & Grill

Brewski’s Pub & Grill

Whether you go with the traditional Philly cheesesteak sandwich or the pizza, you’ll be doing the right thing with juicy medium roast beef, sliced in-house. Brewski’s Pub & Grill  located off the lobby of Riverport Inn Express Suites offers everything one expects from their local neighborhood pub with homemade pizza, fresh burgers on a Bloedow’s bun, great entrees and sides, and a perfect spot to hang after the game or while watching it enjoying a cold one. Or relax on a sunny day with a beverage out on the large outdoor patio.

The Monarch Public House

Grab a mouthwatering Philly with au jus for dipping! If you jump across the bridge, this place is probably the most authentically Irish spot in the area and known for handmade Irish family recipes. The Monarch Public House in Fountain City, WI, is a charming riverside place renowned for its elegant dining experience along with craft brews, wines, and cocktails and excellent and unique Bloody Marys. It’s also the oldest continuously operating bar in the state of Wisconsin.
Visit Winona The Monarch Public House Philly Cheesesteak
photo by The Monarch Public House
Visit Winona River City Grill Philly Cheesesteak
photo by River City Grill

River City Grill

Want some sliced prime rib, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onion, bell pepper, and pepper jack cheese on your Philly? River City Grill is a full-service restaurant and bar attached to the Plaza Hotel and Suites with steak, hamburgers, pasta, appetizers, plus cocktails and ice-cold draft beer on tap.They also have private rooms available for team dinners, rehearsal dinners, or whatever.


Grab an oven baked Philly with mayo or their specialty pizza derivation. Sliced is all about the pizza, wings, cocktails, and cold beer with a restaurant and full bar near downtown by the river on Center Street. Plus, they’ve got their menu of oven baked sandwiches, specialty sauces, calzones, salads, and appetizers to keep you satisfied beyond the slice. They’re open for lunch, happy hours, and dinner.

Visit Winona Sliced Philly Cheesesteak Pizza
photo by Zed Murph
Visit Winona Twin Bluffs Bar Philly Cheesesteak
photo by Twin Bluffs Bar

Twin Bluffs Bar

They claim this is the “best Philly around” and they could be right. Twin Bluffs Bar is a nice little hometown sports bar and grill on the outside of town headed towards Wisconsin in a picturesque spot off the highway nestled by the bluffs. You’ll find burgers, homemade pizza, BLT’s, curds, and of course, Philly cheesesteaks—and they do carry out as well. And you can hang on a nice outdoor patio or enjoy a regular schedule of live music, bingo, karaoke, and a great spot to catch the game.

Wellington’s Pub & Grill

Get the standard Philly cheesesteak or the chicken sandwich version here. Wellington’s Pub & Grill is nestled between the bluffs and lakes on Highway 61 in Winona, Minnesota. You will find this unique and local favorite pub and bowling alley. In fact, it’s been “beer, burgers, bowling, and fun since 1961!” Come hungry because they’ve got juicy burgers, smoked ribs, great steaks, salads, and award winning chili.

Visit Winona Wellington's Pub & Grill Philly cheesesteak
photo by Visit Winona Wellington's Pub & Grill
Visit Winona Slice Philly Cheesesteak Pizza
photo by Winona's Pizza

Winona’s Pizza

You won’t find an actual cheesesteak sandwich here, but you will find the Philly Cheesesteak on their specialty pizza menu—and you can add jalapeño if you want. Winona’s Pizza is family owned and does specialty pizzas, wings, desserts, and other tasty sides done fast and right. They are located on Huff near Winona State University and the pizza is made fresh daily from scratch with their motto being “hunger is the best sauce”. And while I’m not sure what that actually means, it is all making me hungry.

Winona Sandwich Company

Who doesn’t love a classic Philly Cheesesteak sandwich? Winona Sandwich Company is a beloved stop celebrated for its delicious and inventive sandwich creations. With a focus on using fresh ingredients, this sandwich shop has become a staple for those craving satisfying meals on the go. The welcoming atmosphere and menu at Winona Sandwich Company cater to a range of tastes, making it a popular choice for locals and visitors alike seeking a delightful sandwich experience.

Visit Winona Winona Sandwich Company Philly Cheesesteak
photo by Winona Sandwich Company