Top 9 Retro Game Spots In Winona, MN

Visit Winona Top 9 Retro Game Spots
Everyone knows Winona loves to play and sometimes that means playing some of the classics. Whether it’s a nostalgic trip for those that grew up in the ’80s and ’90s trying to relive the golden era of gaming or newbies that want to kick it old school for the first time, you’ll have your chance here. You’ll find stores with vintage video game consoles and cartridges, breweries with pinball tournaments, and retro arcade machines lining the walls at bowling alleys, bars, and axe throwing lanes. Who’s got game?

The Bar

Looking to gobble up some power pellets with Ms PacMan or play a little pinball? The Bar in Goodview has you covered and is a hub of activity in their downtown. And every weekend you can catch live music, comedy, or other fun events. Plus they’ve got great drinks including their famous McBiggerton Bloody Mary.

Visit Winona The Bar
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Visit Winona Broken World Records
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Broken World Records

It’s always pinball time and cheap drinks at Broken World Records. And it’s Minnesota’s only bar and record store combination! Beyond the pinball and free pool, you’ll find lots of live music and open jam sessions along with live DJs spinning strictly vinyl records on vintage stereo equipment so it’s always a cool vibe.

Island City Brewing Company

You’ll always find lots of silver ball fun at Island City Brewing Company, where several well-maintained pinballs await. They also do pinball tournaments every month! Aside from the games, they’re our local brewery producing beers of distinct quality for beer lovers and beginners alike. You can stop in for a pint, live music and events, trivia, a few games, or all of the above.

Visit Winona Island City Brewing Company pinball
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Vist Winona JimmyJams
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You can find lots of cool used retro video games at JimmyJams and they’ll buy your games you’re not playing anymore. It is a one-stop shop for comics and graphic novels, manga, role-playing games, collectible card games, and used games and old DVDs! And they have lots of fun events for card game players and D&D fans.

No Name Bar

You’ll find pinball and arcade in a hip environment where you can grab a great cocktail or beer—and there’s free foosball! No Name Bar offers carefully curated beer, cocktails, art, and entertainment in our beautiful downtown of Winona. Known for live music and DJ’s on weekends, the backyard patio fire pit and games keep the vibe cozy during the week. A local favorite since 2007 and maybe the oldest bar location in town.
Visit Winona No Name Bar
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Vist Winona Warpzone Video Games
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Warpzone Video Games

You’ll definitely find the largest selection or old and rare video games in Winona at Warpzone Video Games. And you’ll find lots of newer stuff too and at great prices—from Pong to PlayStation. We love they ran the big box game store right out of town. Their location is right on Huff street just across from Winona State University. Plus, they buy, sell, and trade all games and consoles and when you need that old video game system repaired, they got you!

Westgate Bowl

If you don’t feel like watching whatever sporting event is currently playing and cosmic bowling and karaoke aren’t your thing, insert a few coins into a classic arcade game while enjoying a beverage at Westgate Bowl. Challenge a friend or go for the high score solo with plenty of classic arcade games. There is also darts and pool and you can grab a bite at Wellingtons Pub & Grill. Or, just sign up for a bowling league.

Visit Winona Westgate Bowl
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Visit Winona Winona Axe & Arcade
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Winona Axe & Arcade

Play over 40 classic arcade machines, the largest collection of arcades you’ll find in town, at Winona Axe & Arcade. Plus, they’ve got pinball, foosball, skee-ball, and claw machines. They host indoor axe throwing leagues, group events, and walk-in axe sessions. There is plenty of table seating and refreshments, snacks, pop, and beer in a family-friendly environment.

Winona Athletic Club

Want to play one of the cutest Ms. Pac-Mans in town? You can at Winona Athletic Club. Plus, you’re going to be hanging out at one of the coolest old bars in town, that many affectionately call “The Polish Embassy”. Aside from the vintage booths and bar stools, you’ll also find pool and lots of space to hang. They also have great burger nights, live music, and dance events in their second floor ballroom.

Visit Winona Winona Athletic Club
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