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Visit Winona Chickadee Circuit and Danger Noodle Hiking and Biking Trails

The city of Winona celebrated the opening of two new trails, Chickadee Circuit and Danger Noodle, at Bluffside Park as part of the initial phases of the Bluffs Traverse project. The grand opening event saw city officials and community members gathering for the inaugural ride on Chickadee Circuit, a beginner-friendly hiking and mountain biking trail that loops around the top of the bluff. Danger Noodle, the second trail, is a more challenging downhill mountain bike-only trail, humorously named after local rattlesnakes.

Winona Outdoor Recreation Coordinator Alicia Lano mentioned the community’s involvement in naming the trails, with locals contributing suggestions. Chickadee Circuit has already garnered praise from residents who previously walked the gravel road and now have a dedicated trail. The Bluffs Traverse project aims to enhance hiking and biking options and eventually connect Sugar Loaf Park, Garvin Heights, and Bluffside Park. Funding for the first two phases, totaling $1.2 million, came from state contributions, city funds, and a donation from the Winona Area Mountain Bikers.

The project includes upcoming openings of a third and fourth trail, with a fifth trail and additional parking at Chickadee Circuit scheduled for the following year. Mayor Scott Sherman expressed excitement about the professionally designed and environmentally sustainable trails, emphasizing their accessibility for beginners. Sherman highlighted the goal of attracting individuals who may not have previously ventured outdoors due to the difficulty of existing trails.

Acknowledging Winona’s unique elevation and topography, Mayor Sherman envisioned the city becoming a regional or even national trail destination. The success of the Bluffs Traverse project represents a significant development for the community, with plans for further trails, infrastructure improvements, and the creation of a trail network connecting key parks in the region.

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