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Lakeview Drive Inn featured on KDHL

The Lakeview Drive-Inn was featured on Faribault radio station KDHL. The Drive-Inn is the oldest restaurant in Winona and opened in 1938 and serves burgers, brats, hot dogs, fish, (served with their secret tartar sauce recipe) fries, and ice cream.  “There are tons of other items on their menu that are all under $10, including their famous root beer.”  
Speaking of root beer: “it is made from scratch with their own “exclusive recipe.” And of course, it’s served in a frosted mug that’s been sitting in a below zero freezer.”  And one more thing about root beer: a free root beer top off comes with their old fashioned floats.

It’s a very convenient place to eat because you don’t have to leave your car (unless you want to); just roll down your window and a car hop will take your order and return with a tray full of food (and lots of napkins) that attaches to your window. 

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