Local Artist Convenes Creatives

full blooms mural, sarah johnson, winona mn, southeastern minnesota

If you’ve been to Winona in person, or visited virtually through our website or social media pages, you may be familiar with local artist and mental health professional/advocate, Sarah Johnson. Her Full Blooms Mural delights residents and visitors on the corner of Lafayette and 3rd Streets in downtown Winona, she has been a contributor to Visit Winona’s Short List video series, her art and photography have been featured on our Instagram and Facebook pages, and she hosts workshops at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum. Her message of #SteadyHeadsOpenHearts during the COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us to take a deep breath and assist others when we can.

Her newest initiative, Creative’s Convening, is a way for the artists of Winona to come together during this stay-at-home/social distancing phase of the pandemic. In Johnson’s words, the event is a “virtual happy hour” using the platform Zoom, and, “the focus of this will be to connect with one another, check in on how creatives are doing, and share some strategies for self-care during this strange time.” Johnson will be facilitating the event, which will be held on March 24th, from 5-6pm.

Zoom info can be found on the Facebook event’s page here 



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