Minnesota Public Radio News Lists Winona Area Parks in Hidden Gems Article

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Minnesota Public Radio writer, Sara Porter explores some of the lesser known state parks in her piece, “The Trail Less Traveled: Where to Find Minnesota Parks that Are off the Beaten Path” and two of the Winona area parks made her list: John A. Latsch and Great River Bluffs.

In the intro to her piece, she writes that “there’s, no shortage of beautiful state parks in Minnesota,” and that her readers should, “consider a trip to one of (the) lesser visited parks.” She also speaks with DNR official Randolph Briley, who states, “The more remote parks tend to have less visitors, but they are not any less beautiful.”

Under a sub-header titled, “In Southeast Minnesota: Scope the Scenic Shores,” she gives a nod to two parks within a short distance from Winona. She writes, “if you’re looking for a good day trip, John A. Latsch State Park is a good alternative. There, you can take a hike up Mount Charity for a breathtaking view of the Mississippi River Valley.”

Of Great River Bluffs State Park, Porter states that it is, “another spot for hikes that end in incredible views. There are scenic overlooks, plenty of prairie to traverse and walk-in campsites- many of which are surrounded by trees and vegetation.”

You can read Sara’s article here

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