MN ice climbing parks boost local economies reports MN Public Radio

Winona’s ice climbing park was one of Minnesota’s ice parks that was featured in a recent Minnesota Public Radio broadcast. Unlike two other ice parks in Minnesota, Winona’s is completely created by the process of ice farming and involves “running thousands of feet of pipe filled with water,” and uses over 900,00 gallons of water.  It’s a lot of work according to Eric Barnard, board member of the Minnesota Climber Association, and co-founder of the Winona Ice Park. The crew of ice farmers volunteer their time and have learned from trial and error. After “getting sprayed in the face, like hundreds of gallons of water a minute, and you’re soaked and covered in ice,” the final product looks almost like a form of art. The ice park has over 100  has made an economic impact on Winona and draws climbers from all over the country. “That’s really been a boon for Winona,” said city manager Chad Ubl.



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