Winona is featured in Travel Safe Abroad

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The Travel Safe Abroad website featured Winona’s recent accolade as being one of the cutest towns in the United Sates and took the opportunity to assess whether Winona is a safe place to visit. It rated Winona as a low risk place to visit based on factors such as crime, transportation, and natural disasters. It listed the highlights of Winona: its historic downtown, outdoor recreation, and arts and culture and talked about the attractions and the things to do that make it a desirable city to visit. It mentioned the popular things to do in Winona like a visit to the museums, a guided river cruise, a watercraft rental at Lake Park, or a hike on the trails at Prairie Island.  “Winona manages to capture the essence of a small town, the vibrancy of a college community and the natural wonders that make Minnesota so desirable in the first place.”






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