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Casual Vietnamese bistro with a fun, bright ambiance located near Walmart, Menards and Target in Winona. Offering the most popular food and beverages in Vietnam and South East Asia, including:

  • Vietnamese Coffee
  • Tea Refresher
  • Bobas + Milktea
  • Vietnamese Noodles (PHO)
  • Rice Bowls
  • Vermicelli Beef Salad

Norvary is a Northern Vietnamese Bistro in Winona, Minnesota. There are two parts implied in the name Norvary: Northern Vietnam cuisine and a variety of chef’s growing up most favorite street food items.

Owned and operated by first-generation Vietnamese-American husband and wife, the cuisine is rooted in tradition and focuses on creativity. While Vivian is the beverage creator and Huy is the executive chef, the high school sweetheart couple aim to create a fun family-oriented local restaurant.

The interior was designed with a touch of subtropical atmosphere that gives you the vibe of being in the North of Vietnam while enjoying the meal. In addition, all pictures on the wall were recently taken in the city of Hai Phong where the couple are from and by the local photographer Thai Le. The young artist did a phenomenal job in portraying people and daily life in a way that is hyper-real and film-like.

Visiting Norvary, guests will experience a whole new different angle in Vietnamese cuisine. As the most popular item, Pho (pronounced “fuh”) noodle soup, originates in the North of Vietnam after the French colonization of the country late 1880s. Northern version of Pho is made by boiling beef bones for 24 hours and has a heavy emphasis on the delicate and simple broth. Then it is accompanied by flat rice noodles, thinly sliced beef, and scallions. In the North of VIetnam, Pho is also served with garlic vinegar and chili sauce as condiments, instead of hoisin sauce. Moreover, Norvary’s Pho does not have bean sprouts and basil like the Southern version. All in all, Chef Nguyen hopes to take his guests from the South to the North Vietnam through culture and cuisine differences.


1035 Frontenac Drive Winona, Minnesota 55987



[email protected]



Monday-Saturday: 9:30am-8pm


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