Visit Winona’s Short List: Kids Stuff!

Winona Minnesota Levee Park Kids Stuff Painted Rocks

We asked Henry Carlson, a bright-eyed 5-year-old with a knack for making people smile, what he likes to do in Winona! His answers? Well, they are the subject of the newest Visit Winona’s Short List: Kids Stuff!

Henry is a preschooler at St. Mary’s in Winona and loves to sing choir songs in the car, at full volume. He enjoys coloring sessions with his big sister, Olive, 8, and chasing his cat, Emma, when his mom and dad aren’t looking. He is a near-expert at Pokemon and can easily tell you at what level Charmander evolves and whether Bulbasaur’s best attack is vine whip or tackle.

The Playground

The Playground offers over 8,000 square feet of fun, entertaining space where kids can be physically active and free from electronics! This indoor park is great for children between the ages of 1 and 12, but older kids will still have a great time jumping, building and climbing. Adults and babies (under the age of 1) enter for free. Purchase a pass and enjoy a clean, safe place where kids can have fun for a day or all year long. The facility is parent-supervised, which helps us keep costs low and stay open all day (8 AM to 9 PM), every day of the week. The Playground is located in the Winona Mall.

Winona Minnesota Kids Education The Cube Stained Glass

The Cube at The Winona County History Center

The Winona County History Center has a hands-on activities for mini-museum visitors. The Cube features fun activities for preschool visitors and their families. Children can create patterns with colorful shapes at the light table just like Winona stained glass artists do. The activity table has bins of blocks, beads and laces, pattern shapes and log-house building sets to try. Visitors are invited to check out the book nook filled with stories of museum visits by favorite characters, dinosaurs, children’s history, bilingual and multi-cultural stories, and more.  

Nate and Ally’s Frozen Treat Creations

Hungry for a soft serve frozen treat or hard ice cream? Then Nate & Ally’s in downtown Winona is the place for you! You can have your treat in a cup, waffle cone, or waffle cup and then add your choice of toppings. Or, pick your frozen treat and toppings, put them in a tall cup, and get them mixed together with the Mix-It. There are a variety of other frozen treats such as ice cream sandwiches and world-famous sliced pie. You can take your treats with you or enjoy them in their relaxing atmosphere.

Levee Park

Winona’s newly renovated Levee Park is located right on the river in downtown Winona. Kids love the splash fountain in the summer, and the ice rink in the winter! Fish off the levee wall, see a concert, take a walk under tree-lined pathways, hop on a tour boat for a river cruise, or grab an order of fresh-cut fries at the Boat House restaurant. Maybe your wee one will even find some painted rocks like Henry did!

Bloedow Bakery

Bloedow Bakery on east Broadway St. has been putting smiles on kids’ (and adults’) faces since 1924. This place is like stepping into the past. Homey vintage wallpaper, friendly counter workers, and glass case upon glass case of the greatest donuts you’ll ever eat. They’ve got sprinkles, cream-filled, frosted, glazed, chocolate… you name it! Oh and did we mention the yummy smells? This place is one of the most famous spots in Winona. Stop in to find out why.

And there’s so much more!

Of course, even Henry will admit this isn’t by any means a comprehensive list! Kids tell us that they also LOVE the Aquatic Center, kids programs at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum, going fishing at the lake, KidsSport, the YMCA, skateboarding at Anthem, getting treats at the Penguin Zesto, all the fun stuff you can do at Lake Lodge, and much, much more!

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