Minnesota Public Radio Praises Visit Winona’s Super Bowl Ad Response

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Visit Winona’s new website, http://www.welcometotherestofwinona.com had only been up for a few hours when Minnesota Public Radio took notice with a piece cheering the tourism organization’s fun response to Squarespace’s Winona Ryder Super Bowl ad campaign.

In a piece titled, “Winona Playfully Responds to Winona Ryder’s Super Bowl Ad,” writer Nancy Yang takes a look at the tongue in cheek website and talks to Visit Winona’s executive director Pat Mutter.

Yang begins by writing, “You saw Winona Ryder’s Winona. Now see the rest of it,” before delving into the story.

Yang talks to Mutter who says, “We thought it would be a fun playful take really leveraging the campaign that’s out there right now. It’s the largest exposure that we could ever hope to get.” The reporter also writes about the irony of how the website was created, saying, “they turned to Squarespace — yes, they did — to build their own website. It’s called WelcomeToTheRestOfWinona.com. Visitors might notice it looks a little familiar. That’s because the site is designed to look almost exactly like Ryder’s.”

The MPR reporter also informs readers about the photobook Visit Winona is putting together to riff off of Ryder’s own book of Winona photos, writing, “Visit Winona is also making its own photo book, inviting people to post their best “true Winona” shots using the hashtag #WelcomeToWinona. The book, which will be published in late February, will feature some of those photos. Profits from book sales will be donated to local initiatives, the tourism organization said.”

Visit Winona’s website features plenty of beautiful shots depicting the people, activities, and scenery of Winona. Visit Winona is also running a sweepstakes through the site, where one lucky person will win an all expense paid trip to Winona- including airfare, meals and lodging, and passes to ‘everything’.

You can read the full MPR story here



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