Visit Winona’s Mary Farrell Receives Award, Grant

Mary Farrell -Visit Winona’s Visitor Services Coordinator- was one of three recipients of the Winona Fine Arts Commission (WFAC) Award. Farrell also received a grant from the commission to financially assist in the production of her latest film.

At the Winona City Council meeting on November 18, 2019, Winona Fine Arts Commission handed out awards, announced grant recipients, and named Winona’s Creative Laureate, according to the Winona Daily News.

Of the prestigious award, Winona Daily News reporter Rachel Mergen writes, “Farrell was recognized for her many contributions to the community, including her past service on the Fine Arts Commission, her work with Visit Winona and other organizations, and her own works displayed and shown in the community.”

The grant will be used, “to create an original organ score for an upcoming documentary about the restoration of the drops at the Masonic Theatre,” according to WFAC chair Theresa Remick. Mergen goes on to report, “With the grants awarded, the recipients are expected to create works of art inspired by Winona that will later be publicly displayed or performed.”

Other WFAC Awards went to Larry and Colleen Wolner of the Blue Heron Coffeehouse, and to the Midwest Music Fest.

Grants were also awarded to Maria Anholzer, Patrick O’Shea and Sharon Mansur.

Sarah Johnson was named Winona’s Creative Laureate.

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More about Mary Farrell

Mary has made Winona her home since graduating from Winona State University in 1981. She is rarely without her camera, capturing Winona’s beauty and abundance of things to do. Her interests include walking the Lake Park paths, bicycling around Winona, canoeing the backwaters, and attending the art and culture events in Winona. Her engagement in the community gives her a perspective and understanding of Winona which helps her answer a variety of questions that come from people interested in visiting Winona.



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