Blooming Grounds Coffee House to celebrate 20 years in downtown Winona

downtown-Blooming Grounds

Amy Jo Marks inherited the love of baking from her grandmother and turned it into a successful business in downtown Winona. Blooming Grounds Coffee House opened 20 years ago in the city’s core serving coffee and treats. It has since turned into one of downtown’s favorite “hotspots,” and now serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. But it was Mark’s determination and persistence that got her through a downtown fire and low foot traffic in the downtown. Her loyal customer base, growth of businesses in the downtown, and her love for the community have kept her doors open for the last 20 years. A second location, Blooming Grounds Express, is several few blocks away and has also found success with retail and office businesses nearby who are looking for a cup of coffee or a sandwich.

“Marks is happy to welcome the many new customers, as she said her goal for the business has always been that it would be a place where people could come and hang out, no matter who they are.,” Marks said in a Winona Daily News article.

Blooming Grounds will celebrate its 20th anniversary by having party on the block where her business is located and will include live music, food, drinks, face painting  and prizes.




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