Teaser Released for Winona Ryder Super Bowl Ad Filmed in Winona

Winona Ryder Squarespace Super Bowl Downtown Winona Minnesota Third Street Southeastern MN

It’s been big news all over Minnesota, and especially in Winona. Stranger Things star and hollywood icon Winona Ryder returned to her namesake town to film a commercial for Squarespace last month, and now the webpage giant has released a teaser video featuring interviews with Ryder- as well as with local Winonans- about her visit to the island city.

The video, titled Winona Goes Home, shows a glimpse of what we can expect from the big ad when it’s released on February 2nd, as well as some behind the scenes insights from folks who call Winona home.

The video opens with a wide aerial shot of downtown Winona, featuring its landmark bridge. Tom, from Tom’s barbershop, a quintessential neighborhood spot in Winona’s west side, begins by saying, “The bluffs, the river, if you like to be outdoors we have something for everybody here.”

From bartenders, to quilters, the video goes on to capture Winonans’ reaction to having some one with the star power of Winona Ryder visiting our small city. One woman, working on a sewing project says, “I was with a group of ladies that were quilting and they were telling me there was a commercial being shot.”

Ryder herself says of the dynamism of Winona, “Getting to come to Winona, the town I was born in… you walk down the street and it’s almost like being in another time, but also modern.” Indeed, as a city that prides itself on being both historic and adaptable to its place as both a university town and a hub of arts, culture, and recreation, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Ryder also gives the story of how she got her name, relaying, “My mom was in a local laundromat and she saw a little pamphlet book, and it said Winona, The Legend of Winona… and she picked it up which I think induced her labor of me!”

So what did Ryder think of Winona? She says, “I think Winona represents a lot of towns that have a lot going on and a lot of creative energy and great places.”

Of course, we think Ms Ryder has a lot of creative energy too! She’s welcome to visit again anytime.

You can catch the new advertisement when it airs during Super Bowl LIV on Sunday evening, February 2nd.