Top 15 Places to Picnic In Winona, MN

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Hey Boo Boo, let’s go get us a pic-a-nic basket! Whether picnicking with sandwiches in that picnic basket or throwing some dogs on the grill—Winona Minnesota’s plentiful picnic spots will give you the perfect place to plop down for a leisurely picnic in the park. That was almost as much alliteration as picnic places in Winona! Well, enjoy our favorite picnic spots.

Central Park

This is an oft overlooked little gem and a great spot for a quaint picnic. This may be one of the smallest parks in Winona. It is one city block long, and about one-fourth of a city block wide. Central Park sits behind the Post Office, right along Broadway. There are some trees for shade and a couple park benches along a curving sidewalk. Most use it as a nice place to stop for a moment while walking to and from downtown Winona or Winona State University.
Visit Winona Central Park
photo by Todd Hanson
Visit Winona Garvin Heights Overlook
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Garvin Heights Park

Garvin Heights Overlook provides amazing views while you’re enjoying your picnic. Garvin Heights Park boasts stunning panoramic views of the city and the Mississippi River Valley from its elevated position. Visitors can enjoy hiking trails that wind through lush forested areas, leading to the park’s scenic overlook. The park also offers picnic areas and opportunities for birdwatching, making it a favorite spot for both outdoor enthusiasts and families.

Great River Bluffs State Park

You won’t find many better views with your lunch than this! Find breathtaking vistas of the Mississippi River and its surrounding bluffs from towering cliffs at Great River Bluffs State Park. You can explore several hiking trails, ranging from easy walks to more challenging treks, immersing yourself in the park’s diverse ecosystems and abundant wildlife. The park also provides camping facilities, allowing visitors to extend their stay and fully experience the beauty of the Mississippi River Valley.

Visit Winona Kings Bluff Great River Bluffs State Park
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Visit Winona John A. Latsch State Park
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John A. Latsch State Park

You’ll be hungry after climbing 592 steps—but with work comes reward! John A. Latsch State Park, located along the Mississippi River, features picturesque limestone bluffs and dense forestation. The park is known for its challenging hiking trails, including the King’s Bluff Trail, which rewards hikers with stunning views of the river valley from atop the cliffs. With its scenic beauty and opportunities for outdoor recreation, the park is a popular destination for nature enthusiasts and hikers.

Lake Park

You’ll find a beautiful view of Lake Winona and Sugar Loaf here. Winona’s Lake Park surrounding Lake Winona includes a rose garden with gazebo, picnic sites, bandshell, dock and boat fishing, playgrounds–including a new ADA accessible play area called “Every Child’s Dream”, skating rink in winter, frisbee golf course, soccer and softball fields and five miles of walking/biking trails. Within Lake Park, by the bandshell, is Veterans Memorial Park.

Visit Winona Lake Park bench
photo by Cynthya Porter
Visit Winona John A. Latsch State Park Wagon Bridge & Boat Houses
photo by Visit Winona

Latsch Island-Aghaming Park

It won’t be hard to find a picnic spot here! Bring your hiking boots and long pants for a trek through Aghaming Park for great photos! See 1,950 acres of some of the best preserved floodplain forest in the country and a pristine destination for bird watching. Start your walk on Latsch Island, just across the interstate bridge from downtown Winona, go over the old Wagon Bridge (be sure to stop and take in the views of Winona’s famous boathouse community), and continue down a road with a gorgeous tree canopy, or veer off to the right to find trails that meander through the lush riverside forest.

Levee Park

Layout a blanket in the grass, or use one of the many tables and benches with a view of the bridge and Mississippi. Levee Park, along the banks of the Mississippi River, offers a picturesque setting for recreation and relaxation. With its scenic walking paths, green spaces, murals, and riverfront views, the park provides a unique escape in the heart of downtown. You can enjoy picnics, outdoor concerts, and festivals like Mid West Music Fest while soaking in the beauty and vibe of the Mississippi River.

Visit Winona Levee Park
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Visit Winona Minnesota Marine Art Museum patio
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Minnesota Marine Art Museum

Have a nice picnic with a river view on the patio or the benches in the beautiful garden and grab a drink during Mississippi Sippin’. Minnesota Marine Art Museum houses a stunning collection of marine-themed artwork spanning centuries and cultures. From classic masterpieces to contemporary pieces, the museum celebrates the beauty and majesty of the world’s oceans, rivers, and lakes. With exhibitions,  curatorial-led tours, and staged socials and parties—you can explore works by renowned artists and up and comers. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of maritime art.

Peter’s Biergarten

This is a great way to have a picnic right in the middle of downtown. When it’s warm out then it’s biergarten season and Peter’s Biergarten is a great place to be. You can enjoy a beverage including beers on tap, or perhaps make a new friend – all in this inviting open-air environment. There is also plenty of seating, live music on occasion, and you’re encouraged to bring in take-out from any of the nearby downtown eateries in this very unique venue.

Visit Winona Peter's Biergarten
photo by @johncasperjr
Visit Winona Prairie Island
photo by Fuseek Trucking

Prairie Island Park

Enjoy the river or some frisbee golf with your picnic. An easy bike ride from the heart of downtown Winona, Prairie Island Park is the perfect getaway for an afternoon picnic. Pack some sandwiches and dine at the beach on the calm backwaters of the Mississippi River where you can watch eagles fish for their lunch in the Lock and Dam 5A spillway.

Sinclair Park

This park has lots of room for setting up a picnic in the grass, on a bench, or on one of the many picnic tables. Sinclair Park’s landmark is its iconic purple dinosaur. That is why many locals call it “Dino Park”. Located across from the breathtaking St. Martin’s Lutheran Church, it has a playground for kids, nice basketball court, and serves as a greenspace for special events.

photo by Visit Winona
Visit Winona Two Fathoms Brewing picnic
photo by Justin Rude Hanson

Two Fathoms Brewing

Grab a brew and have a picnic with a group of your friends. Two Fathoms Brewing, Winona’s craft brewery has a wonderful beer garden to go with its scrumptious ales and lagers. Located just outside of the brewery’s front door only steps away from Levee Park, you can find picnic tables, a plethora of yard games, and often food trucks to go with your pint of IPA, or any of their other signature brews or seltzers.

Whitewater State Park

This is a great picnic spot just out of town. It’s a stunning view from atop the Elba Fire Tower at Whitewater State Park. Marvel in the park’s rugged limestone bluffs, pristine trout streams, and scenic hiking trails. Visitors can explore over 2,700 acres of natural beauty, immersing themselves in the peace of the park’s wooded valleys and cascading waterfalls. With opportunities for camping, fishing, birdwatching, and picnicking, Whitewater State Park offers an idyllic retreat for outdoor enthusiasts year-round.

Visit Winona Whitewater State Park Fire Tower
photo by Karen Mellott-Foshier
Visit Winona Wincrest Park
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Wincrest Park

You can enjoy a nice, quiet picnic here. Wincrest Park is a little community park in an upscale and quiet neighborhood up Garvin Heights road and a bit of a hidden gem. It also has the Winona water tower, a playground, and a nice basketball court—if you want to ball out and be like Mike. It’s pretty low traffic, so enjoy yourself without many around.

Windom Park

Picnic in the gazebo, on a bench, or in the green grass. Surrounded by lovely Victorian-era homes, many of which are on the National Register of Historic Places, this city block is adorned by bright perennial gardens, a gazebo, and of course, the graceful figure of Princess Wenonah sculpted by artist Isabel Moore Kimball, considered her best work. The sculpture is more than just the princess including three pelicans and three snapping turtles, which Isabel spent countless hours studying in Zoos. The statue was erected in Central Park in 1902, where it remained for more than 60 years. It moved to Lake Park, then Levee Plaza, and finally Windom Park in 1993.

Visit Winona Princess Wenonah Fountain
photo by Visit Winona