Winona Daily News Details Two Fathoms Brewing Taking Over Island City Brewing Co

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Winona Daily News recently interviewed an entrepreneurial couple from Fountain City, Graham Kaczmarek and Brook Merkwan, who recently acquired Island City Brewing Co. in Winona, transforming it into Two Fathoms Brewing. Kaczmarek, with a background in brewing, had been searching for a brewery opportunity since 2017. They rebranded the business to reflect their vision, emphasizing authenticity and community involvement.

The name “Two Fathoms” carries deep significance, symbolizing safety in river travel, familial ties, and community embrace. The brewery aims to maintain a strong community focus, continuing Island City’s traditions like bingo and live music, with familiar staff remaining on board.

Under Kaczmarek’s brewing style, customers can anticipate significant flavor changes, featuring West Coast-style beers with local ingredients. The couple plans a rotating selection, avoiding flagship beers to prioritize experimentation and freshness. They aim to maintain a local feel by focusing on serving at their location and collaborating with Winona restaurants.

The couple also plans physical updates to the brewery, emphasizing art installations and local collaborations. They intend to expand into non-alcoholic beverages and THC products while retaining a sense of respect for the brewery’s history and community trust. As Kaczmarek emphasizes, “We’re not some big corporation coming in here. We’re just a husband and wife trying to make it work.”

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