MMAM: Eagles Over Water Exhibition

Open now through October 14 at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum is Eagles Over the Water: A Preview of the National Eagle Center’s Collection of Eagles in American Culture. The exhibition features a wide range of eagle related art, ephemera, and historic items from the collections of Preston Cook and the National Eagle Center (NEC) in Wabasha, MN. Works range from everyday items like home goods, military items, comic books, campaign buttons and concert photos to works by artists such as Andy Warhol, John James Audubon and Shepard Fairey (pictured). This is the first public exhibition of pieces from this immense and extraordinary collection relating the story of the eagle in American culture. Running concurrently is a companion exhibition at the NEC titled Eagles Everywhere. The works on display represent a tiny fraction of this growing 25,000 piece collection gifted to the NEC by Cook.

MMAM Exhibit

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