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Winona Insider View: Top 5 Hiking Spots

By: Sydney Bockelman and Alexa Shapiro, Winonans and Outdoor Enthusiasts The beautiful bluffs surrounding Winona provide us with ever-changing views and activities for each season. One of our favorite ways to explore the bluffs is on foot–hiking, walking, or trail

Fresh Air? Yes, please.

We are faced with strange times with the Covid-19 outbreak disrupting pretty much everything we know and do, and whether it’s to help us get outside or just cheer us up, there has never been a more welcome time for

The Mississippi River Playground

I have to say, living next to one of the country’s most beautiful waterways has a few perks. For starters, it’s breathtaking and there is likely no one who has ever passed this way who doesn’t vividly recall the crystalline blue

Winona Minnesota Levee Park Kids Stuff Painted Rocks

Visit Winona’s Short List: Kids Stuff!

We asked Henry Carlson, a bright-eyed 5-year-old with a knack for making people smile, what he likes to do in Winona! His answers? Well, they are the subject of the newest Visit Winona’s Short List: Kids Stuff! Henry is a

Some Like it Frozen

Sundance Film Festival, we’re giving you a run for your money. Winona, it seems, doesn’t do anything small these days, and the Frozen River Film Festival is no different. I mean look at all we’ve got going on if you’re

Dog and Owner at Garvin Heights City Park Winona Minnesota Hiking Overlook

Visit Winona’s Short List: Doggo Dates

  Your dog is part of the family, right? So why leave the poor pupper at a kennel or hire a sitter when you want to get away for a few days? Luckily, Winona is a great travel spot where

Visit Winona’s Short List: Wonderful Winona Walks

  Winona is such a great place for walks any time of the year! The city itself is mostly flat and lends itself to casual strolls down tree-lined streets or in gorgeous city parks. Of course, if you are after

Visit Winona’s Short List: Top 5 Places for Inspiring Art

It’s no secret that Winona is famous for the arts. The Great River Shakespeare, Midwest Music Fest, Minnesota Beethoven, and Frozen River Film Festivals all make headlines nation-wide. But those are just some of the many ways one can experience

Pitch Perfect Patios

As summer draws into fall I am especially appreciative of a growing commodity in Winona, and the thing I might miss the most once the snow flies: outdoor patios. I swear, it used to be that if you wanted to

The New York City of the North

So I just came back from a trip to New York City and all I can say is wow, Winona, you’ve got it going on and I think you are giving New York a run for its money.  I know

Cynthya Porter

Cynthya Porter

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