Strap on your snowshoes and explore Winona’s enchanting trails

Step into our pristine wilderness of hardwood forests and sunny valleys on trails that will take you everywhere you want to go.

Trail maps:

In-town parks and trails: Winona city ski trails map

At the foot of the bluff: Bluffside Park, Lumberyard trail guide

Great River Bluffs State Park: Great River Bluffs State Park skiing

Trempealeau Wildlife Refuge: Snowshoe & Ski trails map


Insider blog:
Why Everybody Loves Winona, a Blog: Attention snow lovers


Cross-country Skiing & Snowshoeing


Saint Mary's University Hiking and Skiing Trails

Spectacular skiing scenery
Enjoy some of the region’s best cross country ski trails when you glide through the forests behind Saint Mary’s University. Groomed trails and snow-making equipment make skiing a delight on various trails for all abilities.

Bluffside Park, The Lumberyard

Natural slopes for winter fun
Bring your snowboards, snowshoes or skis and experience the Lumberyard recreation area at the base of Winona’s bluff. It offers ideal terrain for snowboarding and skiing amid stunning scenery.

Great River Bluffs State Park

Where eagles soar
Miles of trails and acres of open land offer breathtaking Mississippi River vistas where you can see all of the sprawling river valley.

Whitewater State Park

Vertical interest
Picturesque limestone bluffs and deep ravines make Whitewater a very popular southeastern state park.